Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have you ever?

Have you ever been so addicted to something so ridiculous such as a reality TV show? I almost died today when I realized I have been watching "The Bachelor" since 2007. SEVEN freakin' years y'all, seven freakin' years! I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoyed some of the seasons but that doesn't change the fact that this TV show is downright absurd. Twenty-five (sometimes even more than 25) educated women, pause their lives, leave their careers, pack their bags and come on a TV show to find love because all the eligible bachelors in their city somehow disappeared! Some of the girls are so heavily invested by the first rose ceremony that sometimes I don't know if I should laugh at them or feel sorry for them. My favorite part of it all is when their claws come out because they hate sharing their "potential future husband" with the other girls. Sweetie, newsflash! Last time I checked, all the other girls came on the show to find "love" just like you did. With that said, I do like watching this show BECAUSE of all the craziness mentioned above and more. However, this season with Juan Pablo is extremely boring (sorry Pablo, Juan-uary is over and so is my love for this season!) He's just so blah. I can seriously go on and on about how boring this season is. Did these educated girls really leave their careers behind for HIM? But who knows? Maybe they did it for some fame!
Moving on, some of my favorite seasons of The Bachelor/ette were- both the seasons with Brad Womack, Emily's season, Sean's season (omg I totally cried after watching Sean and Catherine's wedding. Such cuties! Seriously), Jason Mesnick's season and yes, I think I semi liked Jake Pavelka's season (but mainly because of the psycho also known as Vienna Girardi.) 
I'm not sure, or should I say that I don't care how this season ends or who he picks, but, I'm assuming he might end up choosing Nikki. She's a pediatric nurse which makes her a nice, caring person and since he has a daughter that he loves unconditionally (yet he left her to be on the show? Yeah, I don't get it either?) she should be the perfect match, in my opinion at least. But lets see how the season unfolds.

Rant over. Happy Tuesday :)


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