Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cullen Who?

I remember the time when I first read "Twilight" and instantly became obsessed with Edward Cullen. I got butterflies in my stomach anytime I saw a silver Volvo on the roads of Houston and I couldn't stop day dreaming about Edward Cullen. After the series gained popularity, they announced the movie and I'm not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when I found out they chose Robert Patterson to play the role of "Edward Cullen." I had this mental image of how I imagined Edward to be and lets just say that Robert Patterson ruined it all for me! Needless to say, I still watched every single movie from the Twilight Saga opening night in my Twilight shirt. Yes, I was THAT girl. After the whole twilight hype ended, I thought I was done with Vampires. So teeny bopperish, right? It wasn't until one fine evening while I was burning some calories at the gym, I gave The Vampire Diaries a chance. The thought of vampire stories being teeny bopperish soon became history after I found myself binge watching the show every chance I got. I got so heavily invested in the show that I was crying and laughing with all the characters on the show. It wasn't long before Edward Cullen became a distant memory for me- especially when all I could think about was the "Salvatore Brothers" :)

A few months ago, while I was practicing my Thursday night ritual of watching The Vampire Diaries, I saw that TVD Convention was going to come to Houston in March. I kid you not when I say I started hyperventilating. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I could not sleep at all that night. I remember going to work the next morning with this nervous feeling in my stomach. After much deliberation, my friend and I both decided that we will bite the bullet and meet the "Salvatore Brothers" in real life. 

Fast forward to March 22nd- my friend and I meet at the convention. Girls are going crazy and just about screaming every two seconds. All the MC had to do was hold the mic to say something and before he could even say anything, girls would start screaming in excitement. We sat around for Mike Malarkey (Enzo) and Zach Roerig's (Matt Donovan) panel. Mathew Davis (Alaric Saltzman) was there as well along with some other characters from The Originals. During the intermission, we walked around to check out the vendors and I happened to meet Ian Somerhalder's (Damon Salvatore) brother, Bob Somerhalder. He was SO sweet. We chit chatted for a bit and took a picture together. I told him that I was going to get a picture with his brother later to which he responded, "I'm glad I got to take a picture with you first." 

A few moments later, we were asked to form a line to take a picture with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore). I was pretty calm up until we got in the room and I saw both Ian and Paul. I remember thinking, "is this real life?!" It wasn't long before we were walking to take a picture with them. I walk up to Ian and say, "Hiii Ian, how's it going?!"

Ian: It's going great, thanks. How about yourself?
Me: Goooddd! I just met your brother!

*Photographer takes our picture*

Ian: He's a funny guy, ain't he?

At that moment, I was at a loss of words. It all happened so fast I just remember saying bye to him and Ian saying "thanks for coming" and I say bye to Paul and walk off hoping and praying I don't faint. 

After our picture, my friend and I headed to the ballroom where the convention was taking place. We literally sat there in awe while waiting for Paul and Ian's panel to start. Ian was not only hilarious, but he was so incredibly sweet. We got some good laughs out of the two. 

After the convention ended, we power walked to the photo room to get our picture but the photographer told us to check back in about 20 minutes. I really wanted to get some fresh air so my friend and I stepped outside while we were waiting for our picture. We were standing by this donation box talking about our unbelievable experience when I saw Ian's brother Bob walk in our direction. Soon after, I noticed Ian Somerhalder was making his way to the donation box. He does a lot of charity work (Google: Ian Somerhalder Foundation to learn more). I literally lost it when I saw him casually, one last time! Luckily there was only a few of us outside so I got to take some awesome shots of him posing ;) anddd some selfies with him in the background! 

When he was leaving, he told us he loved us. I probably had the biggest smile of life on my face! 

I am so grateful for this whole experience. I remember wondering what it would be like if I EVER met Damon or Stefan in real life--- well now  I can say that my heart is finally full :) 

Happy Thursday, folks! 


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