Wednesday, February 3, 2016

things I'm into lately!

Happy hump day, Friends!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far :) I don't have anything exciting going on in my world today so I thought I would share the things I am really into lately.

Ready? Lets go! 

::The Bachelor
I think I have already mentioned this before but I have been watching the reality TV show "The Bachelor" ever since 2007. The obsession kind of died down during Juan Pablo's season but "ees ok" because he sucked as a bachelor anyway. I'm literally cracking up thinking about him. Has this ever happened to you? Where you just think about something and laugh till you cry? Because it's a happening' to me right now! Hahaha. Anyway, like I was saying...I religiously watched The Bachelor up until Juan Pablo's season and after that, I lost all my faith in Chris Harrison (bachelor host) for making such a terrible mistake. Fast forward to present day, I decided to give The Bachelor another chance and I'm kinda sorta addicted again. I still don't understand how some of the girls make a fool of themselves on national tv? Oh well, more entertainment for me! 

{will you accept this rose?}

::Video Games
Funny, huh? I don't look like the type of girl who would play video games but I blame my husband for creating this monster. Either that or my "tomboy-ness" has carried into adulthood. All I know is that we might need 2 tv's now- one for each video gamer in the house ;) Are there any other girls that are into video gaming? My favorite games to play online are Assassins Creed Black Flag (yeah, I know that was so 10 years ago!) and Star Wars Battlefront. My husband and I are so obsessed that we actually have to take turns to play. I'm pretty sure our kids will start playing video games at birth, lol! 

{lol, I say this about 20 times a day}

I don't know if it's my OCD or what- but I'm kinda sorta obsessed with organizing anything and everything in my household. Every weekend I am organizing/reorganizing something different. I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm crazy but I can't help it! If it's not stacked in a perfect straight line, it's not organized.

{left: tupperware cabinet // right: makeup drawer}

When I'm not playing video games or organizing, I'm crafting. If you saw my cardstock collection, you'd laugh! I have two decent sized tubs filled with all of my crafting supplies. Just like painting, crafting is extremely soothing for me and it also opens a lot of creative outlets for me! 

{some of my handmade crafts}

::Harry Potter
So my goal this year was to start reading. I honestly don't remember completely finishing a book since Twilight. I remember I started reading the Hunger Games and Gone Girl but half way through the books, the movies came out and I never got a chance to finish them because I ended up watching the movie. I know a lot of people sometimes watch the movie and then read the book but I can't do that. I know books have a lot more detail in them but once I know what happens at the end, I lose all my interest in reading. This year, to get back into reading, I figured I'd give Harry Potter a try. I know I'm extremely late to the party but I'm trying, y'all! I'll give y'all an update once I'm done reading them all. Be cautious though because it might take me the rest of 2016 to go through all those books! Haha! 

Well, this is it folks! Hope y'all have a great rest of the day :)


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